Friday, April 15, 2011

The Father's Love

Everyday when I walk home I always listen to my ipod to make the walk seem a little less lonely. Each day I try to choose something different to listen to just to mix things up a bit. I usually choose the music depending on my mood or something that reflects what I'm thinking about at that particular moment.

Now today when I was walking home I realized that it can be a very lonely thing, walking home by myself several times a week (and it is). But then I thought to myself, it's actually not as lonely as it seems. Yea, some days I wish I had someone to walk with me and keep me company, but on most days I actually enjoy the alone time. It's 30 minutes I get of fresh air, non-stop music, and being able to really take in God's creation, and it's quite refreshing.

So today I decided to listen to something peaceful for my walk home. And so I chose to listen to "Holy Week" by The Singing Company & Families. The first song on the album is called "The Father's Love" and it starts off by saying this:

"Where‘er you go, You are never alone.
Even in darkest times You’re on My mind.
But where in this world Are you hoping to find
All those things you need?
Just come to Me.

Please, just leave all those things
That could never replace
A Father’s love..."
This is the first song on the CD and these were the first words I heard. They went right along with what I was thinking about at that moment (loneliness), and it wasn't even on purpose. Holy Week was a random choice, and I really wasn't thinking about the songs or the lyrics, I really just wanted to listen to the music and the voices. But as it turns out, I guess I really needed to hear those exact words at that exact time. It totally surprised me, but I love when stuff like that happens.

ok, so this post was WAY longer than it probably needs to be. BUT you should listen to this song (as well as all the others) here:

It truly is an amazing CD. And I recommend you set aside an hour of your day, if you can, and just sit in a quite place and listen to this whole thing all the way through. Who knows, maybe you'll hear something in one of the songs that you need to hear right at this moment.

k, peace out. I'm gonna go hang out with Taylor, Katie, Claire and Rhoda for the weekend!!

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