Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chasing Sunsets

On Friday I had the privilege of spending the entire day with on of my favoritest people in the entire world, Stephanie Orefice.

During the day she took me, Graham and Lauren to Hollywood Blvd where we walked around and looked at all the stars' stars. We basically walked all over Hollywood just to find Mary-Kate & Ashley's star because obviously that's a must-see when you're there. That was fun! Then we hung around her part of town for a while. Had Mexican food for lunch, reminisced about camp, got frozen yogurt, then headed back to our hotel to drop off Graham and Lauren.

The best part of my day was what followed right after. Stephanie and I had a sudden need to watch the sunset. So right after we dropped them off, we raced up the hill to find a perfect spot where we could sit and watch as the sun set. As we drove along the coast, it became harder for us to find the perfect spot, but we didn't have much time because with each minute we were in the car, the sun was getting closer and closer to the horizon.
There was one point when we encountered a huge cliff right in front of us, and both of us felt anxious, nervous, and excited for what we were going to see once we turned the corner. We anticipated that it was going to be one of the most beautiful sights we were ever going to see, and we were right. It was absolutely breath-taking, and we were amazed. We knew the sun was setting faster, so we stopped at a Starbucks that was near by, got some hot cocoa, then sat outside on the patio that overlooked the ocean, and watched as the sun disappeared and as the moon came out.

We just sat there in awe of God and his creation. I'm not sure if it was being with a close friend, being by the ocean, or being amazed by God, but at that point I was overcome with a sense of peace and contentment, with no words to describe what I was feeling. Then spent the rest of our time catching up and talking about life. It was a beautiful ending to a great day.

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